Inglés B1 2021-7


During the accompanying course B1 Preliminary, learners will be able to communicate in English as well as develop essential language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking in order to express ordinary situations. Moreover, pupils will boost their study, work, and leisure experiences. At last, students will increase their vocabulary by interfacing text on particular themes of concerns.

institución Institution: Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa

área Category: Languages

duración Duration: 4 weeks or 20 hours of study

inscripción Registration: from july 5 to august 1st

inicio Start: august 2

fin End:  august 29


This course aims to improve all the four language aptitudes and provide confidence to convey in English in a variety of settings. For instance, social, professional, and academic. In addition, it supports each skill by practicing vocabulary and grammar.


  1. To develop reading skills in a variety of contexts
  2. To improve writing skills confidently on a day-to-day basis
  3. To understand, follow, and take notice of a range of spoken materials
  4. To identify when to take part in different types of spoken interaction

Registration Requirements

  1. Have an Academica´s account. If you don´t have one, go to and register to have your username and password.
  2. General Public.

Remember that:

  • The first subject will be available on the start date.
  • The subsequent subjects will be available one week after the previous one starts.
  • The course moderator will notify the participants once a subject is available.
  • The course moderator will establish the dates of delivery of each activity
  • After the last subject, the Conclussion tab will be available
  • The participation certificate will be downloadable within the Conclussion tab
  • The participation certificate will have a download expiration date
  • The download expiration date will be determined by the course moderator.

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